1) Where can I buy your products?

Our products can be found in health food stores across Canada and are also sold online through distributor/companies. As a wholesale distributor we do not sell directly to individuals – only to registered businesses in the health food industry.

As a small company, we have elected to sell our products primarily via our distributor, Purity Life Health Products to enable our products to reach customers across Canada. Unfortunately, that also means that we do not always know what stores carry our products.

To find a location in your area that sells our products, we recommend contacting Your Local Health Food Store to inquire. If they don't carry our products yet, you can always ask them to start!

You can also purchase our products online at sites including:

2) What is Bio-Based Propylene Glycol?

Traditionally, propylene glycol (PG) has been derived from propylene oxide, a petrochemical intermediate (no bio-based content). This is not the case with Bio-Based PG – the bio-based propylene glycol used in our Earthwise Deodorants is manufactured from vegetable glycerin. VegetableGlycerin is a vegetable oil derived product that contains 100% bio-based, plant derived carbon and is naturally sourced.

3) What is Benzoic Acid and why is it in your Witch Hazel Distillate?

Benzoic acid is a naturally occurring and synthetically produced substance commonly used in food and cosmetics as a mild preservative – inhibits the growth of mold, yeast, and most bacteria. Benzoic acid is found naturally in many plants, with benzoin resin as the largest natural source.

If you want to produce safe, natural cosmetic products, you MUST use a preservative. As our Witch Hazel is extracted by steam distillation, it is based in water – therefore to provide a shelf life and prevent mold/bacteria growth, either a minimal amount of a preservative or a large amount alcohol must be used.

Most Witch Hazel Distillate’s found in stores use an average of 14% isopropyl alcohol to preserve the product, which is very drying and harsh on the skin. Additionally, many Witch Hazels often add other ingredients, further reducing its purity level and effectiveness.

The most natural, pure form of Witch Hazel Distillate available today is preserved with benzoic acid (natural/synthetic mix), which is what is used in our Earthwise products – approx. 0.15% concentration, making it 99.85% pure & natural! Benzoic acid is also very mild, making it great for sensitive skin.